Exact Fastener and Supply can help your company in maintaining smooth operations through a continuous flow of supplies. Below is a listing of our services.

Bin Stocking / Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)*

Focus on your major materials while an Exact Service Representative takes care of your small components. From analyzing product and demand, to delivery and maintenance of stock, Exact offers the quality control and ease-of-mind to even the most scrutinizing of applications. Exact is committed to visiting your facility weekly, monthly or as needed for unlimited quantities. Find out how Exact can help standardize costs, stabilize pricing and minimize production procurement time so you can focus on what you do best. No purchase requisitions are required, and billing schedules are tailored to your needs.

Service Contracts**

Setting up a Service Contract can save you time and money. Upon commencement of your service, we will ship to you the items you require based on a pre-determined delivery schedule. The program offers the following benefits:

  • eases purchasing of hardware
  • materials are guaranteed to arrive Exactly when you are expecting them
  • no minimum initial order
Kanban Systems*

The Exact Service team offers the collaborative expertise required to provide a reliable Kanban program you can count on. Through consistent communication and oversight, Exact creates, maintains and updates an inventory plan to optimize replenishment and stock of product. With Exact, you get instant supply, eliminate waste, and smooth production day in and day out. We free up your supply managers and align your inventory to consumption so you are never under or over supplied. By putting the responsibility into our hands, you increase buying power, minimize potential data entry errors, and avoid dealing with details such as purchase orders. But most of all, you confidently have product on-hand, exactly when and where you need it.

Just In Time Inventory**

Why keep and store inventory you don’t need yet? Your Exact Service Representative minimizes in-process inventory and maximizes storage space by supplying exactly what you need. Your dedicated Exact representative will collaborate with you and analyze your needs to provide quality assurance and efficiency of your ongoing product supply. And because we carry and store your products for you at our warehouse, replenishment is instantaneous and cost-effective. The Exact Just In Time Service Program is ideal for the company with limited facilities, but has a set production schedule to meet.

Kitting Services

The Exact Kitting Service allows us to become your single source for multiple products custom packaged for your fulfillment or assembly services. Exact can kit and ship any quantity, making it a cost and time saving benefit to your bottom line. Leverage our warehouse for space, as we maintain your product in-house, allowing for instant replenishment. The Exact Program has successfully provided kitting programs across numerous vertical markets including off-road, transportation, automotive, sun-glass, solar and government sectors for more than 30 years.

The listing above is an overview of our services. Please contact our client services department to speak with a qualified representative, who can assist you in deciding which services may best suit your company’s needs.

* Bin Stocking/VMI and Kanban Systems services are available only within the Southern California area. Exact Fastener and Supply reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

** Delivery of product for Service Contracts and JIT Inventory may be conducted by a third party delivery service. Terms of delivery are unique to each contract and/or order. Exact Fastener and Supply reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.